Kahawa Coffee

Kahawa Coffee

Premium coffee with deep African roots.

photo of kahawa coffee bags against a gray flat lay background

“Kahawa” means “coffee” in Swahili and 1893 is when the Kahawa story begins. While coffee’s origins can be traced back to ancient forests in Ethiopia, coffee had to travel around the world before it made its way back to Africa, in 1893.

Founder Margaret Nyamumbo's grandfather was a driver for the colonial government, and managed to get his hands on some seedlings to start his own coffee farm. Growing up in a community of coffee farmers, Margaret witnessed the inequalities within the coffee industry—women provided 90% of the labor, but didn’t own land.

After studying abroad in the USA, she returned home with some ideas on how to bring Kenyan coffee to the world in a way that benefits our women farmers the most. Kahawa invites you to help me ensure that women farmers reap the rewards from their hard work.

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