Tiny flavor cubes that transform any drink.

Teaspressa boxes leaning against each other against a white background

With nearly a decade of industry experience, founder Allison DeVane knew her caffeinated beverages. What she didn’t know was where this knowledge would one day lead her. As it turns out, she was led to create a line of cubes that, with the addition of water or milk or the spirit of your choice, could turn into an incredible drink.

Teaspressa stands for good health and the courageous, unflinching pursuit of big ideas. It stands for luxurious self-treatment and serves as a reminder of individual self-worth. It stands for slowing down a little and taking time to truly celebrate life.

Of course it also stands for the big, bold, delicious flavors and high quality products that it offers. But most of all, it stands for the thriving community that it serves.

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