Bold Xchange & Winston and Strawn, LLP: A Farewell Gift Box

Bold Xchange & Winston and Strawn, LLP: A Farewell Gift Box


A higher-end gift can mean a few things: multiple products, more luxury, heightened customization, or, as in this case, a combination of all three. The summer associates in this program had just completed a months-long experience at an international law firm, so the gift box that celebrated their time at Winston & Strawn needed to be just as high-touch and memorable as their associateship.  

The core concept was to create a gift box full of items the associates could use when they returned to law school for their final year, or when they became lawyers themselves. It would be a collection of work-appropriate, high-quality products that would be delightful and useful in life after their Winston & Strawn summer.

We settled on a combination of items that all screamed "future lawyer": a premium vegan leather work bag from TW Tote, a notebook from Cloth & Paper, loose leaf tea from Just Add Honey, and a soy wax candle from ElonWick Candle Co. 


Once the items were picked out, the box design process began. As a high-touch gift box, we had room to play around with its look and feel.

The box itself was customize for the occasion, with a thoughtful note attached the inside flap, and Winston & Strawn's simple, black and white logo on the outside. Because of the size of the items inside (particularly the tote), we went with a large gift box within a slightly larger shipping box, treating recipients to a photo-worthy unboxing experience. 

gift box including orange packets of loose leaf tea, a black notebook with a g on it, a candle and a black tote bag

In this case, the standard card and gift message was replaced with the customized box interior. Between the products and the messaging, this gifting experience gave associates something special (and practical) by which to remember their summer at Winston & Strawn. Want to see how it all came together? Check out this video.

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