Breakthrough Lab Graduation 2023

Congratulations on graduating from Bank of America's Breakthrough Lab program. The gift you received was curated by Bold Xchange, which creates and ships thoughtful collections of products from Black-owned brands. Here's what's inside yours:

Goal Mapping Notebook from Cloth & Paper
Cloth & Paper offers all the office essentials you can think of—matte and transparent page flags and sticky notes, notebooks, notepads, desk pads, and other exclusive stationery items. Their goal is to change the aesthetics of planning by combining both timeless and modern elements for a luxe look and feel. Cloth & Paper is a proudly Black- and Woman-owned business not sold on Amazon. This comprehensive Goal Mapping Notebook is designed to help you break your goals into actionable steps.

Chocolate Bon Bons
from Cocoa Asante
Cocoa Asante was founded in 2018 by Ella Livingston, a Ghanaian-American who made it her mission to provide chocolate of the best quality using cacao from her home country. With family-owned cocoa farms in Ghana, Cocoa Asante  controls the entire production process from the cocoa bean to the final chocolate bar. This set of bon bons has been handcrafted in Tennessee, and includes 54% dark, milk, and white chocolate varieties. 

You Fell Asleep Here Bookmark from Creative Pounds
LaTanja Jones Snelling is an Illustrator and Lettering Artist based in the Washington, D.C. area. Her brand Creative Pounds is a creative studio that designs fun and unique stationery, apparel, and art prints inspired by African American culture. LaTanja's mission is to give people the power to love themselves, their community, and people that look like them through art. Allow this bookmark to carry you through your next great read.

Aware Spritz from Heathmade
In August of 2014, a curious four-year-old named Heath Wilson unearthed the magical healing and aromatic treasures of plants, herbs, and essential oils. After a weeklong potions lab, the imaginative young boy told his mom he wanted to sell hand sanitizer at the Clairborn School’s inaugural Entrepreneurial Fair. What began as a small school project has grown into Heathmade: a curiously crafted line of all-natural wellness products that nourish the skin, invigorate the senses, and uplift the soul. This face, body, and room mist gives off a citrusy lemongrass scent that will wake you up with just a spritz.

Chocolate Chip Cookies from Junita's Jar
Junita's Jar is a mission-driven cookie company satisfying your sweet treat cravings with cookies and filling your heart with hope. These cookies are baked using only the best, high quality ingredients found in your own home kitchen. Never compromising on taste and quality, offering a better-for-you indulgent treat with on-the-go convenience, Junita's Jar is on a mission to share cookies, spark conversation, and spread hope!

Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans from Midunu Chocolates
Midunu Chocolates are artisanal handcrafted chocolates made by an award winning chef and a team of female chocolatiers in Accra, Ghana. The inspiration for the chocolates comes from across Africa and each truffle is named after inspiring African women. The flavors represent the beautiful patchwork that is Africa's culinary heritage, a chef-scripted love story for Africa in every bite. These organic coffee beans have been covered with 70% chocolate and dusted with cocoa powder.

Capri Spritz from Mocktail Club
Mocktail Club founder Pauline came up with the brand's concept when she was expecting and looking for exciting and healthy non-alcoholic options, but found limited options that had rich and interesting flavors. The Mocktail Club team celebrates and embrace the world by infusing global spices such as cardamom, chili peppers and lemongrass. Capri Spritz is a pomegranate juice and cranberry shrub made with apple cider vinegar, caffeine-free tea, lemongrass, and agave.