Our Story

be bold.

The Bold Xchange story began in Summer 2016. Co-founder Danielle started her dream job at Food Network Magazine. Co-founder Doug declined his dream grad program, Columbia Law School.

stepping into—and walking away from—opportunities requires us to be bold.

That summer, the two opened up to friends and family about doing what feels right despite obstacles that tell you to do otherwise. It turned out that others shared a desire to be courageous, too.

stay bold.

In Fall 2016, Danielle and Doug channeled their love for storytelling into a blog, one that profiled other young, Black individuals stepping out on faith to pursue their dreams in everything from entertainment to education to artistry.

inspiration, motivation, and discipline are what allow us to stay bold.

Entrepreneurs contacted Danielle and Doug the most, looking to be featured on the blog. Acknowledgement from budding business owners set a pivot in motion: the duo shifted to focus on building the best platform for amplifying Black-owned brands.

share bold.

After a first-place pitch competition win in 2018, multiple iterations, and a successful crowdfunding campaign in 2019, Danielle, Doug and team unveiled the Bold Xchange retail shop in early 2020.

this platform is bigger than any individual. it's a team effort—we have to share bold.

The goal was—and remains—to create an unforgettable shopping experience with products exclusively sourced from Black-owned businesses. Achieving that goal takes a village of entrepreneurs and the customers who believe in them.