Adjourn Teahouse

Adjourn Teahouse

Organic, artisanal loose-leaf teas.

photo of black jar of jubilee tea with tea leaves scattered around it with a lit candle in the background on a white table with light coming from the left

Adjourn Teahouse is an artisanal loose leaf tea company specializing in organic, hand crafted, full leaf tea blends. Their blends are luxurious, creative + nurturing, begging the drinker to pause—even for just a few minutes at a time.

The team at Adjourn believes in creating moments to recenter and balance your whole self through rituals that allow you to adjourn—bring present tasks, worries, stresses to a close for a period of time.

In a world that prioritizes hustle culture and moving fast, Adjourn challenges you to pause the noise and busyness of daily life to give back a few moments to yourself. Tea making and sipping is an amazing way to prioritize this practice, from observing and smelling these blends, to creating and sipping the perfect cup of tea.

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