Estelle Colored Glass

Estelle Colored Glass

Strikingly colorful premium glassware.

six amber smoke rocks glasses, one with a drink and orange garnish, sitting on a table

Estelle Colored Glass is a luxury brand of hand-blown and specialty made colored glassware in a mix of jewel tones and soft pastels. The Estelle Colored Glass collection is a lineup of original commissioned pieces made by glass artisans in Poland at a glass making company with a rich 100-plus-year-old history. Estelle Colored Glass pieces are best described as "jewels for your table." These vintage-inspired yet refined and modern colored glass pieces aim to revive colored glass that is reminiscent of a past time.

Estelle Colored Glass, founded by Stephanie Summerson Hall, is inspired by her grandmother, Estelle, who loved antiquing and had a special day of the week where she visited her favorite shops looking for new treasures in small neighboring South Carolina towns.

During the summer months, Stephanie tagged along on many of these treasure hunts. Her favorite collection of her grandmother's was made up of colored glassware. This marked the start of Stephanie's love for colored glass.

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