Mocktail Club

Mocktail Club

Better-for-you bevs with inspired flavors.

photos of mocktail club bottles alongide fresh fruits on a white surface

Mocktail Club founder Pauline came up with the brand's concept when she was expecting and looking for exciting and healthy non-alcoholic options, but found limited options that had rich and interesting flavors.

These products are perfect for people who want a healthier lifestyle and alternative to alcohol but still want the kick. The brand is focused on sourcing fruit juice from organic suppliers and using sustainable packaging that helps to reduce their footprint and waste. 1% of our sales goes to supporting clean water access globally.

The Mocktail Club team celebrates and embrace the world by infusing global spices such as cardamom, chili peppers and lemongrass. They have captured the sights and sounds of their travel experiences and bottled them up for you.

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