Nōk Choc

Smooth, delicious instant cocoa.

image of salted caramel nok choc hot cocoa powder flanked by cookies & cream and dark milk chocolate powder on the left and right


Nōk Choc is a beverage brand birthed in America, but its heritage can be traced to Southeastern Nigeria. Their decadent cocoa boasts ancient roots — beginning in the rich, dark soils of Cross River State.

There, the Oyono River snakes its way across the landscape and cocoa plants flourish under sapphire skies. This prized botanical bolsters employment, stabilizes wages, and allows communities to prosper and thrive.

The Nōk Choc team believes the quality of every ingredient matters. That's why our Calabar Cocoa is made with clean, superfood ingredients created to help you eat, feel and be your best.