Bold Xchange & Cargill: A New Year Thank You

Bold Xchange & Cargill: A New Year Thank You

photo of gift box with notebook, cookies, granola and bitters & soda drink

While the end-of-year holidays are lauded as the best time to send a gift, a little something special to kick off the new year can be just as sweet. Leaders of the Supplier Diversity Council at Cargill certainly thought so when they tapped Bold Xchange to send this special collection to their colleagues. 


As much as we love creating custom gifts for our customers, we're just as excited when one of our carefully curated gifts catches their eye. That's what happened here. In search of a new year's thank you gift, the team at Cargill browsed our ever-growing catalog of gifts and found Snacking Session, a vibrant collection of items that any recipient would love to have on their desk.  


Snacking Session is a particularly special gift because it has a couple of customization options. In addition to the branded custom gift note (which comes standard with all of our gifts), there is an option to add branding to the notebook. 

This team went ahead without branding, which allowed the vibrant blue notebook from FOLKUS to shine. In addition to having a stunning color and durable cover, these notebooks are made with tree-free paper that is tear-, liquid- and oil-resistant. 

photo of gift box with notebook, cookies, granola, bitters and soda and notecard with Cargill logo printed on it


Wait, what is "tree-free" paper? In this case, it's stone paper, which is made by mixing a rock powder with resin and other substances that are heated to form sheets. It looks and feels a lot like regular paper (and of course, you can write on it like normal) but without the negative environmental impacts like deforestation and pollution. 

In addition to this unique notebook, there are tasty chocolate chip cookies, buttery granola, and a non-alcoholic but full-flavored bitters & soda drink. Snacking session is both well-rounded and incredibly versatile, great as a thank you like this, a team milestone present, or an IRL event welcome

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