Bold Xchange & Givebutter: Celebrating Coffee's Black History

Bold Xchange & Givebutter: Celebrating Coffee's Black History

Black History Month can be an exciting time for teams of all sizes and racial backgrounds. It is a chance to learn, celebrate, and find joy in the rich history of Black people in the U.S. and beyond. Givebutter tapped Bold Xchange to help with their Black History Month celebrations and the result was a beautiful look into the Black history of a beloved beverage.

photo of bag of Kahawa 1893 coffee with note saying coffee history is black history next to a mug saying stay bold inside a white and kraft cardboard box with white crinkle paper against a white background


Did you know that coffee's origin story began in the forests of ancient Ethiopia? A goat herder there was said to have found berries in the forest that would energize his goats. The abbot at a local monastery then turned the berries into a drink that would keep him alert during evening prayers. Knowledge of coffee beans then spread east and continued across the globe.

This is the story we weaved into a simple-but-special gifting experience for the team at Givebutter. Not only did we have the chance to share coffee from one of our newest brand partners, Kahawa 1893, but the gift had a deeper meaning.


We paired their Ethiopian Medium Roast with our signature Stay Bold mug, and a card that read "Coffee History is Black History." A QR code on the other side led recipients to the matching Gifting Experiences page, where they could learn more about coffee's African origins.

Not everyone on the Givebutter team is a coffee drinker, though. So for those recipients, we sent our tea time gift set, which is one of our most popular. They received the same Stay Bold mug but with premium tea and infused Jamaican honey. 

Beyond just the incredible products inside each box, what made this gifting experience special was the stories it told. Rather than share the most widely-known names and moments in Black history, these gifts took recipients on a journey throughout the diaspora, allowing them to discover the deeper roots of items they know and love.

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