Bold Xchange & Goldman Sachs: NSBE Convention Welcomes

Bold Xchange & Goldman Sachs: NSBE Convention Welcomes

gift box with symphony chips cheese balls granola bar and dessert bar

Conference welcome gifts can take many forms. When the Goldman Sachs team sent a group to the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) convention, they kept the products simple—and went deep on impact.


There are lots of ways to welcome your team to a conference. All the personal care essentials they forgot to pack. Note-taking and reading materials. Snacks for the long workshop days ahead. The Goldman Sachs team was interested in the latter.

But it's the impact that really counts. Goldman Sachs supports small businesses across the country with its 10,000 Small Businesses and One Million Black Women programs for entrepreneurs. In an effort to deepen the impact of this gift and drive home the company's missions, we worked with the Goldman Sachs team to source products from both the Bold Xchange network and participants in Goldman's small business programs.  


This box didn't need any padding or cushion—it was filled to the brim with popular and tasty snacks for the conference. 

Among Bold Xchange Certified brands were Pipcorn Snacks and Symphony Chips. From Goldman Sachs program alumni, we included desserts from Ethel's and granola bars from Nana Joes. 

gift box with symphony chips cheese balls granola bar and dessert bar


 When we talk about gifting with impact, that means a lot of things. It starts with the social impact of sourcing products from small businesses—the innovators, community builders, and job creators among us. Then comes the impact on the recipients when they open the gift and know that these items were handpicked just for them. 

Finally, there's external impact. Gifting with impact is a building block of internal company culture, but it doesn't go unnoticed by those outside the proverbial walls of your organization. Customers, partners, and peer organizations take note. 

The reaction to Goldman Sach's NSBE welcome gifts was about as great as we could hope for. Not only did the team absolutely love receiving them, but the gifts caught the eyes of other convention attendees as well. One team leader even said strangers stopped her in the convention hall to ask where she'd gotten the gifts—and if they could have one, too. 

Impactful gifting aligns the goals of the company and its community to create an unforgettable experience for all involved. 

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