Bold Xchange & SteadyMD: A Sweet Token of Holiday Cheer

Bold Xchange & SteadyMD: A Sweet Token of Holiday Cheer

steadymd custom box with custom mug and hot cocoa

Employee appreciation comes in all shapes and sizes, but the impact is measured in the intent behind the gift itself. SteadyMD's hot cocoa holiday box was proof that sometimes the most memorable token of appreciation comes in the smallest box.


SteadyMD, a telehealth company based here in St. Louis, reached out well ahead of the holidays looking to create a memorable gift for their entire team. They wanted something highly customized, consumable, and memorable—right up our alley. We offered up our Cocoa For One box with some enhancements. It was the perfect fit.


Cocoa for One was a new addition to our lineup this holiday season. The box features a large ceramic mug alongside three flavors of premium cocoa—salted caramel, dark milk chocolate, and cookies & cream—made with West African chocolate. 

But SteadyMD's Cocoa for One was entirely unique. We started with the mug, which swapped in the company's logo in place of our "Stay Bold" design. The box itself was the real star of customization, with every inch covered in SteadyMD colors and branding. 

steadymd branded box closed
steadymd branded box with branded mug and hot cocoa inside


 Custom gift notes are included in every box we send, but when there is budget and time to do it, we love creating an unboxing experience that is completely unique to the company it serves.

Company-branded swag can be a great physical signifier of the pride team members have for their workplace. Surrounding those items with products from incredible brands elevates any gift to create an unforgettable token of gratitude. 

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